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Sawmill users in more than 100 countries depend on Wood-Mizer’s wide range of blades to cut their timber. For many species of logs, specialized blades are needed for the best cutting performance. Wood-Mizer’s blade testing teams work across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas to develop and improve our selection of blade brands and profiles to meet the most difficult sawmilling challenges. Whatever wood you are cutting, Wood-Mizer has a blade to meet your needs. 

Wood-Mizer has been producing blades specifically for sawmill applications since 1987, and is still the only sawmill manufacturer in the world to produce its own blades. With ISO 9001 certification since 2003, quality control systems are strictly adhered to at each stage of blade production. Blade quality is carefully monitored. Our exclusive CBN sharpening and computerised setting equipment ensure that Wood-Mizer blades meet the highest standards. 

Whether your needs are small or large, Wood-Mizer blades are affordable and deliver excellent performance. Blades can be ordered in any custom length. Wood-Mizer blades come in five distinct brands: RazorTIP, BiMETAL, MaxFLEX, DoubleHARD and SilverTIP. With the exception of BiMETAL, all Wood-Mizer blades can be easily sharpened and maintained on site using Wood-Mizer’s sharpening and setting equipment.


Stellite® tipped blade for hardwoods
High-performance industrial blade
Premium all-purpose blade
All-purpose blade
Economy carbon-steel blade for resawing

Blade maintenance

Sharpen your own blades
Maintain quality tooth set
CBN Wheels
Highest quality sharpening stones

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